About Alfa Bread

About us


Alfa bread for manufacturing  bread production lines , established in Turkey 2015 with industrial and commercial licences No : 004250 .

It is one of the largest companies interested in the bakery production world.

It gained several European quality certificates to match the global industry.

Our specialized team of engineers and technicians work within a global system in production the automated bakery equipment via the latest updated production methods.

Our Products


Automatic bakery lines for the production of Arabic (Lebanese) bread.

Small automatic bakery lines (mini-market – trailer)

Automatic bakery lines from the dough mixer to the automatic packing machine.

Automatic lines for the production of tortilla bread.

Automatic production lines for Lavash.

Automatic lines for the production of pita bread.

Automatic lines for production (Turkish pizza)Lahmacun.
Semi-automatic line (for the production of pies, manakish, pizza, and Lahmacun).

Machines for all kinds of pastries bakeries accessories and maintenance parts.



Our products are CE-ISO certified.

Attention to safety and security rules.

Ability to develop and add special features for each machine upon request.

Supplying all equipment and accessories related to the production line.

Skilled engineers in providing comprehensive studies to create plans for the production line.

The possibility of financial transfer through local and international banks within a letter of credit.

A specialized team for installation and operation in all countries of the world.

Full after-sales service of one year warranty and spare parts availability.

The presence of exclusive agents in some Arab and international countries.

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